Vehicle fire research

RISE Safety & Transport has extensive experience of working for the automotive industry. With our expertise, we are involved in most aspects of vehicle safety.
The department of Fire Research has worked for a long time in the field of vehicle fires, including fires in road vehicles, off-road vehicles, rail vehicles and vehicles at sea. In particular, buses, ships and vehicles in mines, tunnels, and other underground facilities have been in focus for several research projects in recent years. RISE has a well-equipped and experienced fire lab for full scale testing as well as small scale testing.

RISE performs active research with respect to vehicle fire safety and offers services such as testing and certification, fire investigations, risk assessments and training. Find out more here.

The P-Mark is the quality label of RISE and used in many areas

The P-Mark means that the product meets legal or regulatory requirements, but in most cases, it also means that it meets other, more stringent requirements demanded by the market. P-mark certification means that the product is type-tested, and that the manufacturer’s own inspection is audited by RISE, and for some products it also means that installation/fitting is inspected.

RISE are accredited for a large number of test methods, including our own test methods for evaluating fire suppression and detection systems intended for use in engine compartments.

FIVE - Where international fire expertise meet

FIVE – Where international fire expertise meet

Every second year RISE is the organizer for FIVE – Fires in Vehicles, an international conference where scientists, regulators, test engineers, industry, suppliers, insurance companies and other organisations from the diverse field of transportation gather to discuss important fire issues.

RISE Safety & Transport 

Is a division, out of six, within RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. We have cutting-edge expertise within everything from mechanical risks to measurement technology and fire protection. We work with testing, inspection, calibration and certification. We have world-class laboratories for fire, high-voltage and AstaZero, the world’s first full-scale test environment for future road safety. We are approx. 540 co-workers.

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