Attention is being paid to fires in vehicles as a result of accidents all over Europe. The choice and fitting of interior materials affects the fire safety of private cars, buses and coaches. 1% of all buses and coaches are involved in a fire incident each year.  This is an area where much can be gained by careful choice of materials for interiors, while the fitting of fire detection and suppression systems in engine compartments can also be justified.  Fires in heavy goods vehicles can have serious consequences, particularly if they occur in tunnels.

Vehicles contain some form of fuel for propulsion, and it is therefore important that fuel tanks should be designed to remain intact and not leak if exposed to fire.  New fuels, such as E85, natural gas, biogas and hydrogen, present new fire risks, and it is important that the tanks containing them are designed so they do not increase the risk of fire during normal use or make the consequences of an accident more serious if the vehicle is involved in a fire.  The same safety issues also apply in case batteries are used as energy storage.

RISE’s wide range of materials knowledge, electrical safety and expertise in the field of fire, means that we can tackle the most complex problem areas.

A fire in a ferry or a train can lead to serious consequences. Today’s society is dependent on transportation, both of people and goods. RISE Fire Research works with all modes and all aspects of fires from the initiation of the fire, how it grows, how to detect and extinguish it, and to make analysis of the gases. Within maritime transport, RISE are working with the fire safety of the cases where you are replacing traditional construction materials like steel with lightweight materials such as composites. Extinguishing systems at sea is also an important area. For trains the focus has been on fire properties of materials inside the compartments.

RISE Fire Research is a world leader in the evaluation of fire safety in a broad range of applications. The design of a vehicle means taking a wealth of product development requirements, functions and properties into account. Therefore, the final product is often a compromise between conflicting needs. RISE’s well-equipped laboratories offer a broad range of opportunities for the testing of durability, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.

RISE Electronics has been working with electrical safety and EMC evaluation since 1990. RISE has long experience of evaluating different types of industrial products and vehicles according to European and international IEC/ISO safety standards. RISE also performs fire investigations specifically related to situations where the fire may have been initiated by the electrical system. Further, we are involved in defining and investigating the electrical safety of new types of vehicles with electric or hybrid motor drives.

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