Services offered by RISE in the field of vehicle fire safety include:

In addition RISE offers a variety of services, including testing of different components and systems, relevant for the vehicle industry, which are not directly associated with fire. Find out more at

Furthermore, thermal properties of materials are of interest in many applications for the vehicle industry, for example thermal expansion, heat transfer, mechanical strengths, chemical or physical durability etc. RISE can measure the thermal properties of isotropic/anisotropic, thin/thick materials at high and low temperatures and at high gas pressures. We have assisted the automotive industry with components like:

  • Brakes (Thermal properties of brake discs at high temperatures)
  • Interior materials (Thermal properties of polymer materials at low and high temperatures)
  • Seats (Thermal properties of textile materials, related to thermal comfort)
  • Fibre-reinforced composites (Thermal properties of composites at high temperatures and high pressures, e. g. by our TPS (Transient Plane Source) test equipment, ISO 22007-2)