Fire Investigations

RISE has great experience in conducting fire cause investigations on different types of vehicles, such as buses, wheel loaders, forest machines, mining machines and boats. Through a specifically designed methodology, the vehicle is inspected with the aim of determine the origin of the fire and as far as possible exclude other potential causes. The entire vehicle is examined systematically, including the electrical systems and batteries, fuel-, exhaust-, hydraulic- and transmission systems, wheel wells, driver- and passenger compartments and any other area or system relevant to the fire scenario. In addition, information about the circumstances around the incident is gathered from witnesses, e.g. the driver and the Rescue Service and vehicle service reports are analyzed when relevant. 

RISE provides comprehensive investigation reports with good photographs and drawings in order for the report to be legally compliant in the country of investigation. The conclusions are based on scientific methods and well established knowledge. 

The many researchers and specialists within RISE give support to the fire investigations. Any technical question can be directed to personal with specialized knowledge within the area of concern.

Risk assessments

RISE can perform risk assessments of complete vehicles in order to determine and identify potential fire hazards associated with the vehicle. Vehicles can catch fire for many reasons due to poor design, excessive vibrations, material fatigue or malfunction, poor maintenance, untrained drivers or other faults. Risk assessment is performed by inspection of drawings, evaluation of material specifications and through visual inspection of the vehicle and its components and systems.

Issues that should be considered include ignition sources, fire performance of materials and heat transfer. Incident reports and physical examination of parts and vehicles from incidents also give valuable information as input to an assessment.

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