RISE offers several courses and customized training programs regarding fire safety and testing. Below are three examples of training courses that are available upon request within the field of vehicle fire safety. Contact us for customized programs that address your interest.

Vehicle fire safety                    

  • Fire basics
  • Fire statistics and fire causes
  • Standards and regulations
  • Fire risk management
  • Fire detection
  • Fire suppression

Fire risk management             

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk estimation
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk reduction
  • Hands-on training for buses and other heavy vehicles

UNECE Reg. 107                        

  • New rules for automatic fire suppression on buses
  • Focus on mandatory risk analysis before installation
    • Identify fire hazards
    • Assessment of fire risks
    • Scaling of suppression system with regard to tested system
    • Installation of suppression system and protected fire risks
    • Influence of airflow

In addition to fire safety, RISE is also active and has expertise in areas such as electrical safety, chemical environmental resistance and explosion protection, and we work on many areas associated with health and safety issues, intrusion protection, personal safety equipment and risk analysis, and much more.

In case you have any questions, please contact Max Rosengren

Training in Vehicle Fire Safety and Risk Management

June 13th 2019

RISE Safety & Transport – Fire Research offers training courses in vehicle fire safety and risk management.
On June 13th 2019 we offer a full day course with the following programmes:

  • Vehicle Fire Safety
  • Vehicle Fire Risk Management